How to Buy a Hat That Fits Your Style

How to Buy a Hat That Fits Your Style

If you feel you need a change in your outfit, you should buy a hat. This is one of the simplest accessories to change the tone of your outfit. This simple accessory will turn heads and make you stand out from the crowd.

So how do you choose a hat that fits your style?

This guide will help you buy hats that work with your style and will help you stand out!

First, let’s figure out your size:

Choosing Your Hat Size

You want to make sure that your hat fits you properly. What this means is that it should not be too loose that it falls off if you bend or fly off with heavy winds. It should also not be too tight that it cuts into your circulation.

Here’s how to measure your hat size:

Once you’ve got the measurement, you have to convert it to a hat size. If your measurement is between 21 – 22 inches, then you fit into a small hat size.

If your measurement is from 22 inches to 22 3/4 inches, then you fit into a medium hat size. Finally, if your measurement is from 23 inches to 23 1/2 inches, then you need a large hat.

This works for both men’s hat styles as well as for women’s hat styles.

Choosing Your Hat Style

Now comes the tricky part! You might love a variety of different hat styles, but you need to choose which works best for you. 

For example, have you ever been curious about a bowler hat? This hat is perhaps outdated for common use, but works well for a man or woman who wants to stick out and be daring. A fedora is another example of a hat that’s not in common usage, but makes you look unique.

If you want an everyday and more common look you can opt for a sun hat or cowboy hat. Though these are common, they are still stylish. They work well with almost any outfit and add that extra flair to your look.

Buy Hats Online

If you buy hats online, you will get the best deals. While the advantage of in-store shopping is trying on the hat beforehand, you can find an online store with great return policies if there are any issues.

Online stores will have a variety of styles of hats. You will also find a variety of colors and brands. You can also read reviews from other customers which can help you decide if you want to buy a hat.

Online shopping also ensures that you can find the best deals for your hats. You can subscribe to their newsletters to ensure that you get coupon codes sent to you.

Buy a Hat

Now you know how to buy a hat, you are ready to start shopping. Find the right hat for your style and watch as heads turn — including your own!

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