Envision a New Style: 7 Designer Glasses From Top Fashion Houses

From decades of media conditioning, we as a culture used to think that glasses were the symbol of someone unappealing. So much so that, for years, the first step in many a makeover was switching from glasses to contacts or getting LASIK.

Thank goodness we no longer live in that world! Geek chic has become a major cultural hit, and fashion houses all over the world are stepping up their game to produce frames that look trendy, fashionable, and oh-so-learned. You don’t have to deal with bargain-basement, frumpy-looking frames anymore. Check out this list of 7 fashion powerhouses producing designer glasses that you’ll want to add to your wardrobe right now.

1. Ray-Ban Reigns

If ever there was an eyeglass brand synonymous with both fashion and function, it’s Ray-Ban. This brand, in existence since the creation of its famous aviators during World War II, has topped lists of designer glasses for generations.

And with good reason! Their classic, plastic Wayfarer frame has graced the faces of hipsters and celebrities alike. While many other companies attempt the same silhouette, there’s no beating the original black Wayfarer at its game. When you wear those frames, you channel the likes of Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe, and many other famous artists. What’s not to love?

In addition to their classic frames, Ray-Ban stays ahead of the curve on the latest eyewear trends. Want funky-shaped metal frames? They have you covered. Like the idea of colored arms on clear glasses frames? No problem. No matter your tastes, Ray-Ban can add some class to your face and wardrobe.

2. Tom Ford Forges Ahead

On a list usually populated by Italian names, sometimes, it’s nice to see an American-grown brand. Tom Ford got its start in Texas, but his name catapulted to the height of fashion fame in the nineties when he became a designer for Gucci. In 2005, he left Gucci and started his own brand, which now adorns the temples of its glasses with a distinctive ‘T’ shape and lands in the top three luxury glasses brands sold worldwide.

Their take on Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer is a bit more rounded than the classic silhouette and uses a slightly chunkier frame. This makes it work well on strong, square faces. Want some Texan endurance fit for fashion week? Tom Ford’s your brand.

3. Versace Victorious

Do you want glasses from a brand that screams opulence and indulgence? Versace frames should be your go-to. Subtle and understated are never words that have applied to the house of Gianni Versace, so only the bold and daring should opt for their fashionable glasses.

Bold colors and chunky designs dominate Versace’s lineup for this year. Take a look at this eyeglass store to see what appeals to you!

4. Armani Aces the Test

If you’re looking for a name synonymous with wealth and class, you’ll find none better than Giorgio Armani. While most famous for his leather jackets and suits, you’ll find his business-casual frames lining designer eyeglass stores. Central to Armani’s aesthetic is simplicity and sophistication, so if you want something that makes a statement without drawing too much attention, he’s your man.

(As an aside note, this author has a set of blue Armani frames he’s treasured for over three years. They’re a subtle attention-grabber and go with everything.)

5. Burberry’s British Flair

It’s easy to see why some fashion experts recommend owning three pairs of glasses when you see the functional, retro-chic designs of Burberry. Their vintage appeal is so quintessentially British, appealing to comfort and practicality as well as sophistication. These frames connect deeply with innovation, craftsmanship, and fashion-forward design.

If you want a pair of glasses with a vintage design but a contemporary silhouette, Burberry should be your brand of choice. A classic tortoiseshell frame from Burberry would work wonders as your daily wearer.

6. It’s All Gucci

References to popular slang aside, Gucci has been a fashion house icon for over a century. While more famous for handbags, luggage, and shoes, under Tom Ford’s leadership in the nineties, they began releasing sunglasses. This later expanded to offering eyeglasses as well.

Whether in its crystalline and bold-colored frames for women or classic aviator and metallic silhouettes for men, the interlocked ‘G’s of the Gucci logo showcase the wearer’s wealth and sophistication. Any fashion-lover would want to have a pair of Gucci glasses for their collection.

7. Designers Get Coached by Coach

Coach adds another classic American designer to our list, channeling the spirit of its nineteen-forties New York artisan founders. Ever since they entered the designer eyeglasses market in 2012, Coach has expressed a sort of art deco haute couture vibe. They, like Burberry in Britain, bring a touch of vintage class to modern sophistication, focusing on styles that appeal to a wide array of wardrobes.

We can’t talk about fashionable glasses without discussing the trends that these fashion powerhouses bring to bear. Some of the biggest trends for this year will include:

Everything Old Is New Again

Classic, seventies-style aviators and Elton John-esque round lenses are making a comeback. Lovers of the retro-chic, rejoice!

Tasteful Nudes

In some ways, 2021 lets the subtle and understated take the center stage. Nude or flesh-toned glasses are surging into the fashion scene, offering bold, thick frames without feeling like the glasses are wearing their owner.

Business in the Front, Party on the Sides

While subtle, understated looks may reign from the front, people haven’t lost their sense for fun. Many designer glasses for men and women are coming out with brightly colored or heavily designed arms. A piece of your glasses long left neglected now gets its moment in the spotlight!

Designer Glasses Prove Lenses Aren’t Homely

What can we conclude upon seeing this list of fashion powerhouse names in the eyeglass world? Quite simply, that eyeglasses are anything but frumpy or homely. Designer glasses can be just as much a fashion statement as the clothes and other accessories around them.

So, don’t despair about needing glasses; use them as a chance to flex your designer tastes!

If you found this article about designer eyeglasses informative and would like to read more about the offerings from top clothing designers, check out the fashion section of our blog today!

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