Life on the Water: The Benefits of Buying an Inflatable Boat

Life on the Water: The Benefits of Buying an Inflatable Boat

Did you know that the global inflatable boat market is estimated to reach $2.3 billion by 2024? More and more people are finding themselves buying these simple water accessories. 

It’s hardly surprising. The inflatable boat offers benefits for everything from outdoor sports to just fun on the water. Inflatable boats are light and easy to transport, and can be taken with you on all your summer adventures! 

If you’re looking for a great way to enjoy more water activities, try the inflatable boat. In this article, we’ll be discussing the major benefits of these lightweight boating options, so read on!

Light and Easy to Deploy

Inflatable boats are incredibly light and easy to carry to the water. This makes them perfect for days on the water without all the work involved in a traditional boat. An inflatable boat is about 10 lbs on average, so only one person needs to carry and deploy it.

Inflating the boat is also quite simple – most boats come with a foot pump that will quickly inflate the boat without too much hassle. Furthermore, you can easily deflate and fold the boat for storage when not in use. 

Storage Capacity

This might surprise you, but an inflatable boat has a greater carrying capacity when compared to a traditional boat of the same size. The inflatable boat can carry almost twice as much stuff, thanks to its greater buoyancy!  

This means that if you’re using it for a fishing day, you’ll be able to carry back all the impressive specimens you catch. And, if you’re just using your inflatable boat for a fun day on the water, you can bring all the water accessories you need with you. 

Great for Sports on the Water

Inflatable boats are great for fishing, one of the best things to do outside! They allow the freedom of being on the water without the overhead of boat maintenance, marina space, and lots of equipment. They’re easy to drive, usually via rowing or a small motor.

Furthermore, they allow you a lot of flexibility for fishing locations. If you have a traditional boat, you’re stuck fishing close to your dock. With an inflatable boat, you’re free to fish anywhere you want! 

For the serious fisherman or fisherwoman, the inflatable boat makes next to no noise, so you can maneuver the water’s surface without spooking the fish below. 

Easy and Cheap to Maintain

Inflatable boats are much cheaper than traditional boats, not only for purchase but for maintenance. This makes them a great way to enjoy affordable watercrafts. 

If you ever run into a problem with your inflatable boat, they’re easy to fix and relaunch without leaving the waterfront. It’s almost as easy as patching up a tire! A leak doesn’t have to spoil your summer activities!

Try an Inflatable Boat Today

Now that you know some of the benefits of owning an inflatable boat, hopefully, you won’t hesitate to get one for this summer. They allow you all the fun and freedom of getting out on the water without hassle! 

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