Downloading Music Via Broadband

Everybody’s either downloading music or talking about it at the moment, with MP3 players now gracing many people’s wish lists. This article aims to introduce you to the concept of downloading music, its pros, and cons, where to download and demystify the confusion surrounding online music distribution.

Where to download?

There are a variety of places to download music, and the options can be quite daunting; generally, the most popular is iTunes. It’s also very user-friendly and has the patronage of most major record labels. If you are fond of listening to live streaming, Tuned Global is the best source.

There are also a variety of other downloading sites, including iTunes, Napster, MyCokeMusic, Woolworths, seven digital, Playlouder, HMV, Tiscali Music, and individual artist’s sites.

In terms of price, each site varies, where you may purchase an individual song for a set price, i.e., iTunes and HMV. Some sites such as Napster work on a subscription model, whereby you can download as many songs a month as you wish. In terms of paying, most sites require a debit/credit card, so make sure the site is secure, or if you’re too young, many shops now sell vouchers for sites.


Some sites may let you preview a song or video by ‘streaming.’ Streaming is a form of viewing media without actually downloading the information, essentially listening to or watching media ‘live.’ This is a good way to preview the product you wish to buy before actually purchasing.

How do I use my downloaded music?

Once you have downloaded your music, you may use your songs in different ways. You can choose to just listen to your music only from your computer, but why stop there! You can put your music onto a portable MP3 player to listen to your favorite tunes anyway, or alternatively, you can put your music onto a CD. Pros and cons of downloading music:



There is a great deal to this, being a working band. But if it’s what you’re in this world to do, then you might as well do it and for sure you can and leave something of significance behind you when you check out. Since nothing that ever goes on the internet ever vanishes, getting the music up now gets you a head start on your skill to posterity, you better know what I mean?

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