5 Tips For First Time Call Of Duty Warzone Players

5 Tips For First Time Call Of Duty Warzone Players

Call Of Duty is usually known as the most famous battle royale game. The Warzone mode has already become everyone’s favorite. If you want to survive this super-competitive game, you need a user guide. With the help of a reliable guide, you will understand the core mechanics of your game and be prepared to face the COD world. So, if you want to enhance your skills and understand COD Warzone, keep reading.

Best 5 tips for Call Of Duty Warzone beginners

Landing strategy

In COD Warzone, you have to strategize from the very beginning. You will be using a parachute to land on your preferred spot. The best thing about this parachute is that you can redeploy it as often as you want. You can use it as an advantage for two purposes. On the one hand, if you want to reach the ground faster, you can cut the parachute and redeploy it once you are close to the ground.

Alternatively, if you wish to land in some remote area, you can use the parachute to move further. You can pull your parachute and use the controller to move forward. You can boost your speed by cutting the parachute. When you reach closer to your selected destination, you can redeploy it. Thus, you can use the parachute according to your convenience.

Collect and share armor plates

If you want to survive a gunfight in COD, you will need armor plates. Every player joins the game with two plates. You can use up to three plates and keep five more for emergency use. So, find the third plate as soon as possible. This can be critical if you are in a pistol fight. When you are entirely secure, snatch as many armors as you can. 

You can always share your extra armors with your team. This will make your team, and we know that a strong team is the key to winning every battle. So, never hoard up your extra armors. Always share them with your team. You are more likely to lose fights if your team is unprotected. This is one of the most helpful cod warzone hacks that will help you survive longer.

Choose guns carefully

In every game, you are allowed to have some favorite picks. But never get stuck with a game for a long time. You must try out different guns and practice your skills. Moreover, in COD Warzone, you are allowed to carry two weapons at a time. So, never pick weapons from the same class. If one of your weapons is perfect for close-range fights, the other must be useful for long-range shots. 

Thus, you will be able to adapt different fighting strategies. That is why every player is suggested to pair a long range gun with a short range one. This also lets you use different ammo while fighting. If you are using the same type of gun, you will drain your ammo pool soon. This is also applicable for players with teams. Your team should carry different types of gun. If one is expert at shooting long-range, then let him carry the sniper rifle. You and your other teammates can go for SMGs and ARs. This strategy will also help you to use the collective ammo adequately.

Use money wisely

Money plays a major role in COD Warzone. So, while looting, you need to keep this factor in mind. Only with money can you buy killstreaks and equipment. This can be a game-changer for you because the map will show shrikes as you approach your final round. 

The money can also be used to bring back any teammate if they die in-between. That is why you should make sure that every team member has the minimum cash in their account to repurchase other players. 

Stay with your team

COD Warzone becomes much more interesting when you play with a team. To survive this game, your teammates need to stick together. Thus, if one gets attacked, others can have his back. But never stay too close. If your whole team is moving too close, one well-placed killstreak or explosive device can kill your entire team. 


These are the top five tips that will help you to get a grip on this game. Pro-players suggest all these tips so you can rely on their effectiveness. Apart from all these, practicing your skills is very important. Try out new strategies and weapons to see better results. So, incorporate all these tips into your gameplay and see the improvements. 

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