3 Factors to Consider When Purchasing Concert Tickets Online

Are you geeked to see your favorite artist live in concert?

If so, you’ve probably started looking at ticket prices on the internet. And if the prices are on the higher end, you may believe you can get cheap concert tickets online if you wait.

This is typically not the case though. 

Buying concert tickets online is a wonderful convenience. But you really need to be aware of how to do it, or you could get scammed.

Here are three factors to consider:

1. Know the Source When You Buy Concert Tickets Online 

Your best bet when you book concert tickets online is to always purchase directly from the venue, or from a verified site such as Ticketmaster. And do so early. Not only will ticket prices increase over time, but so too will the likelihood of getting cheated.

This is because once the venue and verified sites have sold out their tickets, you’re relegated to buying from re-sell sites. Some of these sites look convincing and legitimate but are really out to get your money.

Plus, these companies put no cap on the prices sellers can set. So even if you do end up getting genuine tickets, you could end up paying up to four times as much for them.  

If you find a site that you feel is the real deal (more here), check to ensure that they offer a money-back guarantee.

You can also search for a phone number on their website and call them directly to ask if they’re affiliated with the venue or are instead a re-sell site.

2. Be Prepared and Be Quick

Once you find a reputable site, determine the absolute earliest time it’s possible to get your tickets. Getting online early will increase your chances of securing those tickets, so check in 15 minutes before the selling time and be sure you’re somewhere with a fast internet connection.

Have everything ready, including your credit card details and online coupons. If it’s a particularly in-demand show, you may want to consider teaming up with a friend to increase your chances of getting tickets. 

And finally, as tempting as it can be, avoid constantly refreshing the page. Too much traffic to the website could cause it to crash and you can kiss those tickets good-bye.

3. Check for Authenticity Long Before the Show

Once you have the tickets in your hand, you want to be sure they’re not fake. Waiting until you’re standing in line at the venue and excited to see the show is not the time to find out you’ve been swindled.

The easiest way to do this is to call the box office directly and verify. They can tell you whether you’ve got a scam ticket.

Also, as excited as you might be, don’t share your tickets on social media when you get them. It’s simple to replicate a barcode and if someone gets your barcode, your ticket won’t work. And all of your work to acquire the tickets will be for naught.

Enjoy the Show!

Keep the above three factors in mind so you don’t get scammed when you set out to buy your concert tickets online. 

Then get ready for what may just be the show of your life!

And in the meantime, keep checking back with us for more great tips and advice.

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