It’s time to get your summer post-lockdown wardrobe sorted

It’s time to get your summer post-lockdown wardrobe sorted

If you’re one of the sensible few that opted not to sit in the pouring rain for a pint with your pals over the past few weeks, you’re probably bursting with excitement for the lockdown to be over. 

Well, with plenty of social events filling up this summer’s calendar – and perhaps a cheeky holiday (vaccine passport pending!), it’s time to get your wardrobe ready. 

So, whether you’ve gained a few pandemic pounds, or have spent the past year lapping up the opportunity to get fit and toned, now is the time to get shopping. And here are a few upgrades you probably need. 

Coordinating face masks 

While you’ve probably used your fair share of single-use masks over the past year, that clinical blue shade might not go with your favourite dress. 

As such, it’s time to upgrade and find some coordinating, reusable options. While the future of the face mask is still up in arms, it’s obvious that there will be a lot of people who will feel more comfortable wearing one in the post-pandemic world. So, to keep yourself protected while still looking great, find yourself a few new masks to match any outfits you’ve got planned. Alternatively, make your own with this easy guide

Some new sunnies

Whether you’re one of the lucky few headings to a festival that hasn’t been canceled, or you just need a new pair for wearing at the park, now is the perfect time to grab yourself some new sunnies. If last year’s weather was anything to go by, this year will be hot, humid, and heavenly. And unless you want to squint for the next four months, sunnies are a staple. Luckily, has plenty of styles to try that are actually incredibly affordable. 

Step into new shoes

It’s safe to say your hiking boots have taken a beating this year. So it’s time to ditch the walkers and step into something a little more stylish. After so much time closed, shops have plenty of stock to get rid of. Since the high street has been open a few weeks now, the crowds will have eased off, so you can get yourself a few bargains


D doesn’t just stand of ‘distancing’ anymore. Now, you can get back to planning cocktail parties and dinners in the city. For such sophisticated events, you’ll new a new staple black dress. So, whether you show off your new dress size with a slim fit option or go for a forgiving, flowy dress, there are plenty of styles to choose from for your first night on the town. 

The past year has been hard for everyone. But it’s time to start rebuilding – life, friendships, and your wardrobe. So treat yourself to a new outfit for your fresh start and get excited to celebrate normality. If you’re not quite ready to enter the big world just yet, no bother, nobody said you can’t have a fashion show in the safety of your own home! 

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