Living in Vaughan? Learn How to Get Weed Delivered At Your Doorstep

Vaughan City opted out of hosting cannabis dispensaries and adopted a watch-and-see approach to the cannabis industry. Consequently, the city is among the 77 municipalities in Ontario that presented an opt-out decision to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). Therefore, cannabis enthusiasts in Vaughan have to either visit cannabis dispensaries in neighboring cities or wait for two to five business days for mail-order marijuana packages. Both options are inconvenient, particularly for persons with disabilities.

Fortunately, Vaughan cannabis enthusiasts can now have weed legally delivered to their doorsteps. Find out how to get weed doorstep delivery in Vaughan below.

1.   Look For Commendable Online Weed Delivery Services

Reputable weed delivery services like the Black Rabbit now deliver premium-quality cannabis products to Vaughan. You can use online cannabis directories to identify legal cannabis delivery services, and online dispensaries serving Vaughan that will meet your needs.

The legal aspect is crucial because the AGCO, Health Canada, and the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) regulate all legal cannabis dispensaries and delivery services in Ontario. Therefore, you can relax knowing that you are purchasing safe and high-quality consumable cannabis products.

2.   Learn the Delivery Services’ Shipping and Delivery Details

Most weed delivery services that serve Vaughan offer same-day delivery and mail-order marijuana delivery services. However, they have unique delivery policies that will impact your purchase journey, so learn these policies beforehand and evaluate their favorability.

For starters, COVID-19 restrictions limit weed delivery services’ working hours, so most delivery services have tight delivery schedules. Note the delivery period so that you can make your order within the suitable time frame for same-day delivery.

Second, consider shipping guarantees that will give you peace of mind including; 100% delivery guarantee, timeliness guarantee, and privacy and security guarantee. 

Finally, consider weed delivery services that facilitate order tracking to allow you to incorporate receiving the delivery in your day’s schedule. So, use on-page customer reviews and ratings and reviews from external sources, like review websites and social media pages, to verify service delivery guarantees.

3.   Look For a Decent Product Selection

Conducting due diligence on weed dispensaries and weed delivery services each time you want an order delivered to Vaughan is daunting. Therefore, you must identify an online dispensary with an impressive inventory of premium and craft cannabis products that never run out of stock.

A one-stop-shop cannabis dispensary allows you to buy the products you need today and find new products to experiment with tomorrow. It also allows you to take full advantage of bulk-purchase deals like free shipping.

Reputable weed delivery services have an impressive selection of recreational and medicinal marijuana products by notable brands. They also have an array of potent and flavorful Sativa, Indica, and distinct cultivar hybrid strains.

4.   Prioritize High-quality Products and Proper Packaging

Some weed delivery services go the extra mile to give customers high-quality products, while others only meet the bare minimum government regulatory bodies’ requirements. Consider weed delivery services that provide verifiable product quality information and implement favorable product-handling policies.

Reputable weed delivery services give shoppers access to third-party lab test results for the cannabis products in stock. Third-party lab tests are mandatory for all cannabis products sold in Ontario according to Health Canada. These tests verify that the cannabis product on sale is pesticide-free and mold-free.

Some delivery service providers even give farmer credentials to customers so the customers can assess the farmers’ cultivation practices. However, even the best quality marijuana degrades if handled poorly.

Inventory policies impact product freshness and potency; cannabis products lose potency over time. A reputable weed delivery service has inventory policies that ensure consumers get the freshest cannabis flowers, edibles, concentrates, and THC vapes.

Product packaging also impacts product quality, so consider delivery services that seal products in airtight bags locking the aroma inside; this also provides discretion.

5.   Compare Prices and Discounts

Although the OCS regulates wholesale prices for weed dispensaries delivering weed to Vaughan, the retailers set their retail prices. It is prudent to compare prices among various notable weed delivery service providers to avoid overcharges.

Besides affordable pricing, weed delivery services to Vaughan also offer discount deals and complimentary gifts to their customers. Some of the deals you may find include; a discount on the first purchase and free joints with each purchase.

You can also get free shipping for all orders worth above a specific amount or join a loyalty program that will save you money on future purchases. Compare prices and deals and go for the best bargain.

6.   Make Your Order

After settling on an efficient weed delivery service, you can now make your order through their platform and proceed to checkout. The process is straightforward on most platforms; however, you can text the platform’s customer service team for assistance if you get stuck.

Your order will arrive at your Doorstep in as short as 90 minutes after the services provider processes your order. The delivery service’s employees execute the deliveries; they must verify your age as mandated by the law, so show them your identification.


Crossing city border lines for some weed or waiting days for post deliveries are now past tense in Vaughan. Instead, try convenient weed delivery services currently available in Vaughan for the best buying experience.


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