How to Find Wholesale Cannabis Seeds for Your Home Grow

How to Find Wholesale Cannabis Seeds for Your Home Grow

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There’s a common misconception that growing marijuana at home is only for small-scale hobbyists with tiny grow tents in their basements or a small corner of their yards set aside for cultivation. In fact, many people, especially medical patients and caregivers, grow large crops on their own properties for personal use, and commercial farmers also benefit from buying cannabis seeds in bulk at wholesale prices

Why Buy Wholesale?

The most obvious benefit of buying wholesale cannabis seeds is that most seed banks offer bulk pricing discounts. However, that’s not the only advantage of buying cannabis seeds in bulk. Growers who produce large crops for personal or commercial use will find that it’s easier to implement many indoor training techniques when all the plants are the same strain. Plus, buying in bulk and storing some of the seeds makes it easier to keep indoor grows producing prolifically year-round because there’s no need to wait for multiple seed orders to arrive.

Where to Buy Wholesale Seeds

Finding high-quality seeds is always important, but it’s even more crucial when growers buy in bulk. There are few things more disappointing and budget-breaking than purchasing a ton of seeds and finding that only a small number of them germinate properly and grow into healthy, heavily producing cannabis plants. Home growers who place their bulk orders through a reputable seed bank like Weed Seeds USA won’t have to worry about quality issues.

How to Germinate Seeds in Large Batches

Allowing seeds to germinate before planting them out is a common practice that helps to improve early success rates. Most small-scale growers use the paper towel method, but that’s not a very efficient way to germinate seeds in bulk. Home growers who plan to cultivate many marijuana plants may want to try a combination of water soaking and soil germination instead.

To germinate large batches of marijuana seeds, place the seeds in a tub filled with lukewarm water. The temperature should be around 65oF, though a few degrees in either direction won’t do much harm. Make sure the seeds are spread out on the bottom of the container and leave them in the water for no longer than 24 hours before planting them out directly into the soil to complete the germination process naturally.

Tips for Expanding Indoor Grow Operations

It’s easy for outdoor growers to expand their operations. All they need to do is till and amend some extra soil, run some irrigation lines, and stock up on nutrients and organic pest control products. Indoor growers have a few other hurdles they need to cross to successfully expand their operations, but they can follow these tips to keep their budgets low while simultaneously giving their plants the best possible shot at success:

Above all, be patient and make sure to get the basics down pat. It takes some time and a potentially large initial investment to scale up an indoor grow operation.

Get Started Now

Already have a garden or grow room set up and ready to get started? Order whole seeds from Weed Seeds USA to get growing as soon as possible.

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