Guide to the Best High: What Are the Different Types of Grinders?

Guide to the Best High: What Are the Different Types of Grinders?

As cannabis becomes legal across the nation, more and more ways to consume marijuana emerge. 

In the sea of methods to use cannabis, one constant factor remains; you need a reliable way to break it up. Cannabis flowers can be difficult to break with your hands, and most of the methods of smoking require that you refine the plant down so that it’s easier to manipulate. 

The solution? Grinders. 

We’re going to take a look a the different types of grinders weed works well with. Hopefully, the ideas below are helpful as you continue your journey with cannabis. 

Let’s get started. 

Different Types of Grinders for Weed

The beautiful thing about grinders is that they’re all pretty similar in principle. 

There’s a chamber at the top of the device that you insert the marijuana into. That chamber is host to ridges and blades that spin and break the weed down into smaller parts. 

Once the weed is reduced to finer parts, it sifts down into a chamber below. The bottom chamber holds the ground weed, and all you have to do is grab it and apply it to whatever you’re using to smoke with. 

Things get more complicated when you consider materials used, additional compartments, and size. 

Materials in Types of Weed Grinders

There are three common options when it comes to materials. 

First, there are numerous metal grinders to choose from. Aluminum, steel, and anodized metals are most common. These materials tend to run smoothly and provide an excellent end-product. 

That said, they’re the most expensive option.

Your next option is plastic. Plastic grinders are cheap and they generally get the job done. They don’t last as long or function as efficiently as metal grinders, though. 

Finally, you can buy wood grinders in some cases. These are simple grinders and they’re also effective in most cases. That said, wood materials in grinders typically add the most value in terms of style and sentimentality. 

If you’re looking for something stylish to sit on your shelf, wood is the way to go. 

Additional Chambers

Next, you can think about investing in additional chambers. The only extra chamber you should need is one that collects kief. Keef is the crystalized THC that forms on the buds of cannabis. 

When you add a kief chamber, the extra kief piles up over time and gives you another way to enjoy cannabis. Kief is higher in THC content, though, so make sure you start slowly when consuming it. 

Grinder Size

The best type of marijuana grinders are always the ones that can suit your needs. So, if you need to grind a lot of cannabis, make sure that you invest in a large enough grinder. 

If you’re an infrequent user, there’s no need to invest in more grinder space than you’ll actually use. 

Interesting in Learning More About Types of Weed Grinders?

Hopefully, our look at the different types of grinders was informative for you. There’s a lot more to learn about mastering your relationship with cannabis, though. We’re here to help with more information. 

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