Virtual offices in Singapore

Virtual offices in Singapore

With advances in technology a large number of businesses have staff who are working remotely, usually from their home, sometimes in different countries. However every business will require an address which they have to use for official purposes like business registration with the government, banking and for their visiting cards. Many of the businesses or professionals do not own any office and renting a conventional office is very expensive. Hence businesses and professionals are interested in getting information about virtual offices in Singapore, the facilities they offer, and the fees they charge. You may click the link here for more information .

Business address

Increasingly with advances in technology a large number of people are working from home, to save time commuting daily to their workplace and have a better lifestyle. However, it is not advisable to use the home address for business purposes, since the address may be published online resulting in loss of privacy for the family. Hence many people are interested in getting a business address which is basically a mailing address, which they can use for business registration, banking and other purposes. Virtual offices offer a business address for members, usually in a prime location in Singapore in the central business district.

Mailing purposes.

The main purpose of the mailing address is mail collection. Often professionals and small businesses do not have many staff, so there is no one to collect the mail. Many business partners will send documents and payment by courier or registered mail. Often the business owner may not be at the business address, since he is visiting customers, vendors or is involved in other business activities, so he may not receive the document or payment. In these cases it is better to lease a virtual office, which has staff, only only collecting the mail of the members using the facility. Additionally the virtual office may also offer mail forwarding facilities at an additional cost or for premium members, in case the members do not have the time to visit the business address and collect the mail.


Often email is intercepted or not delivered so some businesses continue to send important documents by fax which requires a telephone line in most cases. Small businesses which do not have the resources to have a dedicated fax facility, can use the virtual office fax . Typically they will be charged based on the number of pages of fax they are sending or receiving. The virtual office has trained staff who will send the faxes on behalf of the member, and notify the member if a fax is received.

Phone calls and other facilities.

Often business owners and professionals do not want to use their own personal phone number for their business, since they may receive spam phone calls if the number is publicly available. In these cases, it is better to use the phone call service of the virtual office. Depending on the budget of the business, they can have a dedicated phone number only for the business, or use the call answering facility to get the call recorded or forwarded/redirected to them. Members using virtual offices also get access to the business lounge and other business facilities.

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