Top 5 most important attributes to keep to be a successful writer

Well, we all have experienced this situation. It is very hard to know if you are a good writer or not, especially when no one points out your mistakes or none has ever torn apart your written content so you could find out if you are mistaken or not. When the very first time you get rejected or pointed out that you’re not doing it correctly is the moment when you first realize if you are going to continue it or not and if you can grow in this field or not.

It is not that people tell you what to do or that if you’re wrong, it’s just you must learn to understand where you are wrong and when you should not listen to them and work on your skills enough so that you are confident enough to point out your blunders. The best way to find out if you are a good writer or not is to identify the daily routine’s cycle of writing and the time you give to your work. These qualities are very effective for a writer when their work is presented publicly. These qualities highlight your devotion to your work. To achieve greatness in writing this is very important.

So, it doesn’t matter which type of writer you are, but this must’ve happened to you. When you are chatting with someone whether with friends or a stranger and you say that you’re working on a book. Before even giving the whole perspective, they respond,” oh yes, I am also thinking about doing this and have a killer plot but just don’t have time to do so.” And you’re like what??

So this isn’t your fault, according to a survey, for every hundred people who start writing only three achieves it, and only one of them publish their work. And they’ve got several excuses like, if I had time I could be the best writer or good writing space, or the right tool or computer, etc. It’s not about things but is about how passionate you are about your goal and why exactly you want it.

So what does that one person have in them that the others don’t? Why can Stephen king can write 7000 words a day but they can’t? So this shows that several essential attributes turn an ordinary writer into a successful one and If you are still confused then you must read this article till the end so you can find out about those attributes. 

Top 5 attributes to keep to be a Successful writer:


The first and the most important thing for you is to be creative. This might look like the most obvious thing and the easiest part of writing but it is not. Creativity is not common and available in every single soul and when it comes to writing it is not. If you want to be a good writer you need to develop this quality in you and to the extremes. Not everyone can write or think of the ideas and then convert those ideas and thoughts into words.

What we are talking about is creativity not asking you to be the genius. Let’s suppose you are writing a book having a girl and the boy as main characters but then you add something unexpected and plot-twisting like a hurricane or fire at the meeting place. Or writing a guide article and makes it engaging and add something twisting and humorous in it. 

This is what creativity looks like. It shows how determined and serious you are about it. Or you can write someone else’s previous written work in your unique version. Some people are born with it but it is important to keep practicing it. 

Anyone can develop this quality by practicing and not ignoring the thoughts and ideas that come in their mind.

The mastery of Different voices

As you’re own master, you must know about the range of voices you should be writing in. The ability to grasp different types of writing styles and changing your writing voice each time is the second most important quality. To market effectively yourself as a good writer, you need to know about your range of writing styles. 

Being a known writer in this digital era, basically means that you are your own director, marketer, strategist, and social media manager. You just need to be more than just a writer. 

Know about basic essential tools

Being the writer of this digital age, you must know about the basic tools. There are several online tools available on the internet that help a writer to grow and be the perfect one. It is very much possible that the finalize content you provide to your client or publish to your site is plagiarized or has errors grammatically. 

Well, you don’t need to be sad over it as this is a very common thing. So, to make your content piece the perfect one and plagiarism free, you need to use some tools that cost you nothing and make your content remarkable. Using grammar checkers can help you drag out all the grammatical errors from your content. 

Sometimes we make little grammatical mistakes that don’t count in while proofreading but then when you publish it and your readers mark them, then it becomes the most embarrassing thing and makes you uncomfortable. Grammar checkers are essential for your website or other professional use. 

As they help you find out the errors in your content and checks the sentences with every aspect. So now you must be thinking about finding the perfect one. Well, we have done that part too for you. 

Strong research skills

The excellent research is key for acceptable content creating, it includes validity and, in particular, esteem. In this manner, it’s crucial to discover a dependable and engaging piece from solid sources on the web. Experts are particularly extraordinary assets on the off chance that you can sufficiently get the correct information with great gathering skills.

Organizing and understanding of SEO 

Incredible content writers keep steady over SEO strategies, all things considered, even the best content won’t be successful if perusers can’t discover it. It’s critical to realize how to make SEO-accommodating titles and portrayals, use cues appropriately, and stay aware of Google’s most recent estimation changes.

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