Temp Agency Work and Its Characteristics

Temp Agency Work and Its Characteristics

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The main purpose of temp agency existence is to serve the enterprises in hiring employees for several current openings. By working as a recruiter, the temp agency’s main objective is to approach the workforce who are competent, skillful, and have the experience that a client wants, like, technical knowledge with the required experience and programming solutions.

Here we can introduce the staffing agency as an independent contractor who helps the client organization seek qualified members for their client enterprises. Thus, a temp agency may facilitate the clients from their services in-house as an important HR team in other cases.

When a staffing firm starts giving its services, it may already have the experience to work with organizations that deal with different types of work. Nowadays, we all know the contribution of temp agency services in all fields of work, whether media, commerce, health, or many more. Recruiting agencies’ main objective is to help fill the various posts an entity offers, which may have permanent, temporary, and assignment-based jobs statuses.

How staffing agencies work

The recruiting agency performs its work in the following steps:

Approaching job seekers:

Recruiting agencies to have procedures to attract the candidates passively who are in search of work and keep their approach active to find them. They perform such a procedure with the help of several social media websites like LinkedIn and Facebook and conduct talent hunting programs in different institutes or organize boot camps.

The right person for the right job:

After acquiring the required candidates, the application gathering process may begin where the temp agency screens the applied candidates based on the job post requirement of the client. With the help of proper investigation, the recruiting agency ensures that the applicant is a good match or not with the organization’s working environment.

Evaluation process:

When the candidate passed all the 1st phase requirements, the staffing and a member of the client organization interviewed the candidate.

Payment agreements:

When the levels mentioned earlier have been passed successfully, then the salary package and other agreement terms need to be discussed between the organization and the candidates. In this process, the recruiting firm acts as an arbitrator to negotiate the payment and other engagement terms with both parties under contract.

Characteristics of a good recruiter

A staffing agency must have the following set of aspects which called it to be a good recruiter:

Latest knowledge:

A successful recruiter should be well-qualified skillful, knowledgeable, and have related expertise to keep it first in the relevant industry. The key factor in staying on the top in any industry is that one should be willing to upgrade and welcome new things open-handedly. To stay updated, the recruiters should get the latest certifications in relevant professional programs on a timely basis.

Loaded with other skills:

To start and continue any connection, good communication quality is an important element. A temp agency must have skilled members who can maintain a good long-lasting relationship between entities and temps. Consequently, as a staffing firm, they should interact well with the enterprise key members in helping to find the right candidates according to their requirements. As far as other skills are concerned, temp agencies ensure that what technical and other skills are crucial for companies to grow. Such concerns help the entities in prospects, responding to the change, and observing whether their current skills are enough for the organization in the long run.

Skilled team members:

Temps try to maintain the high-level profile of their team members to help the client organizations for both in-house and contract-based jobs. The temp’s staff may have skills in one type of work only, or they may work for general purposes, means, who can do everything. Most firm members learn the technical expertise and attain experience to know the nature of their client requirements.


Recruiters try to find the right candidates for various jobs that exist in the market. The temp agency acts as a liaison between the client and the candidate for the vacant position he applied for throughout the recruitment process.  The requirements may vary from technology deployment to project management, accounting-based work to marketing, and administrative to the labor workforce.

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