Items That Shouldn’t be Overlooked During Document Shredding

Items That Shouldn’t be Overlooked During Document Shredding

Shredding documents has become the norm for most businesses and many individuals. The simple fact is that data is essential to the way the digital world operates

This has led to an increased interest in how to access data and more aware of what happens to your personal data. The result is people and businesses are prepared to use a variety of means to access that data. It’s the reason that shredding physical documents has become so important. 

There are several important factors when document shredding:

The Right Shredder

You’ll find an array of shredders on the market but they are not all created equally. Some shredders will simply cut the document straight down in perhaps 10 wide strips. That means it is very easy to pick up the shredding and put documents back together. 

In contrast, good-quality security shredders will shred the document into tiny slivers vertically and simultaneously slice it horizontally. This makes it very difficult to identify the pieces and put anything back together. 

If you want to protect personal details, a security shredder is essential.


The next thing to consider is the documents you are shredding. Most people think about the obvious things such as your bank statement, tax document, or other personal statement. These are the sorts of documents that can help someone steal your identity. 

But, these are only the obvious ones. In reality, anything that has your name and address on can be used against you. In other words, you need to shred your junk mail and even shipping labels. Old resumes and travel documents should also be shredded as should any old ID or picture.

It may seem like there is only part of your information and not enough to steal your identity. But, several documents with snippets of information can give someone else all the information they need to pretend to be you.

In short, if it has any personal detail on, make sure you shred it. In fact, to be really safe you should consider shredding every document you get.

This includes all the receipts you get. They shouldn’t have a complete bank or credit card number. But, they do have part of it and anything someone else can get will help them steal your identity or damage your reputation.

Disposing Of the Shredding

If you use a security shredder then the documents should be shredded enough to make it almost impossible to put them back together. However, to play safe it is best to have a second collection chamber. Then, as you shred, switch the shredded paper between collection containers. This effectively splits any document.

Providing you throw the bags away separately you will have made it impossible to recreate the documents. You can then throw the bags away at separate times and locations. 

Final Thoughts

If you are in any doubt regarding a document then shred it. While it may seem harmless to you that is unlikely to be the case to a professional looking to steal your ID or banking details. 

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