Hospitality Management as a Career in Singapore

This article will explore the many opportunities available within the hospitality management industry of Singapore, including training opportunities and career outlook. It will also give specific examples of what you need to do to pursue a career in the hospitality sector.

The first area that I will look at is training opportunities. Generally speaking, there are two main areas that one would concern themselves with; front office or back office. The back office includes professions like chefs, kitchen assistants, storekeepers, etc., while the front office includes receptionists, waiters/waitresses etc. They both require different types of training, which I think is better than having just one kind of training for all entry-level jobs because it allows job seekers to be more specific when choosing their desired job in the industry.

I will look at some of the areas that back-office professions would need to train in: culinary skills for chefs, butchery skills for kitchen assistants, etc. Some of these courses can be done locally, while others may require training experiences overseas. Training opportunities related to front-office jobs are more widespread compared to technical ones. These include things like computer training (e.g. Microsoft Word), communication skills (e.g. public speaking), and interpersonal/hospitality skills (e.g working with people). Another avenue for employment in hospitality management is doing event planning. If you like organizing events like birthday parties or dinners for friends, then this might be something you want to consider! You can get a lot of opportunities if you have professional experience in this sector, and the good thing is that it doesn’t always involve large events. It can be anything from organizing a small dinner party for friends to more complex tasks like setting up different areas at expositions. This profession usually requires people who are good with time management and resource allocation and the ability to problem-solve under pressure when unexpected things happen – something that I think anyone can learn given hard work and determination!

Some hotels have their training programs set up to train new employees on how to run their business correctly. This includes a lot of new skills regarding financial management, customer services, etc., so it would also give new employees a chance to gain experience in the industry. Another area that many people are interested in is becoming a bartender. If you have an outgoing personality and enjoy making drinks for people, this could be something to consider! Some bartenders even become mixologists, i.e, they create their new cocktails or modify existing ones – talk about being creative!

Another employment opportunity for hospitality management would be working in food retail outlets. This can be anything from selling food, selling drinks to the selling of household items at stores! We all know how busy Singapore’s malls can get during festive periods so imagine having to manage queues of hungry shoppers when their stomachs are rumbling! This requires good communication skills and time management because sometimes one has to rush around trying to fulfill multiple orders at once. It also allows one to work with different people, which I think is a good life skill in the hospitality industry.

In addition, people have been known to get jobs by networking with professionals working in their desired industry through friends or family members. For example, if your friend’s relative is a manager in a hotel, you could ask for an internship under them to see what it is like and then use that experience as a way to leverage for a job later on. There are many internships available locally and abroad, which I think could help one gain some valuable experiences before committing themselves full-time to a career area.

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