Winter bridal wear trends

Winter bridal wear trends

Figuring out your wardrobe for a winter wedding shouldn’t be stressful or hard. In fact, we think it’s more fun than planning your outfits for a wedding in the spring or summer.  You can go crazy with your ideas and experiment with something you wouldn’t generally go for. Think ruffles, drama and layers!

Here’s a list of factors and ideas we’ve curated for you to look fabulous whilst staying warm and cozy at winter weddings:

Consider the weather

First of all, you’ll have to consider the weather that will prevail in the venue of the wedding. If it’s an area that’s bound to get freezing cold, bundling up is the way to go.

Wear something that’s stylish yet comfortable. If the venue is in a super cold region, chances are that the wedding will take place indoors. So, be considerate about what you’re wearing and how you’re wearing it. 

Colors to choose

Now that you have a vague idea of what outfit options you can flaunt, the color palette of the outfits are pivotal. Couples can incorporate the wedding’s color scheme into their wedding stationery and their clothes. If you are a guest, find out if there are any color or dress codes that you have to adhere to. Whilst navy, blacks, earthy tones such as deep maroons or browns will come to your mind first, you’d stand out in a crowd in pastel shades or even a bright canary yellow!

For the wedding festivities that are more formal, you might want to wear a darker shade with metallic accents or embellishments. A little sparkle would be ideal for a formal occasion, especially during the festive season in December.

Fabrics to Wear to a Winter Wedding

Your fabric choice is relative with the formality of the event as well. Options such as velvet, satin, or even lace are popular for winter weddings, especially if the temperature drops considerably. You surely have to be warm to survive an Indian winter wedding. Yes, the gajar ka halwa and a few cheeky tipples might help, but how do you still look fabulous?

Long sleeved gowns:

Wear a full sleeved, floor length gown or designer bridal lehenga and layer up with a duster or a cape in a warm fabric. Add volume to your look by incorporating ruffles with thermals on the inside. 

Dupattas for conversations and warmth:

Another smart idea would be to adorn a heavily embroidered shawl that’s going to be a definite conversation starter whilst it doubles up as a dupatta helping you remain warm and comfortable. 

Feathered friends:

If you want to go all out and wear a flamboyant outfit, an intricately worked full length dress or lehenga with feathers. The feathers can be on your sleeves, skirt, cape or even the veil. 

Classic and cozy:

Are you still thinking of wearing a nice traditional sari? This is perfect too! The sari itself will provide warmth and you can wear thermal inners with a long sleeved blouse in velour or be daring and pair with a jacket. You’ll surely look glamorous and remain warm too. 

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