5 Affordable Missing Teeth Options to Finally Cure Embarrassment

5 Affordable Missing Teeth Options to Finally Cure Embarrassment

Are you looking to fix your broken smile?

Having a missing tooth can have a big impact on your appearance and your self-confidence. It can also result in a lot of other issues, like a form of speech impediment, gum disease, and it can even cause your overall mouth structure to change. This is why seeking out options to fix them is a must for many people.

However, getting replacement teeth can break your wallet if you don’t have dental insurance and leave risks like gum disease. This article talks about missing teeth options, what they are, and how to maintain them.

1. Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most common method of replacing teeth. They require less time to complete in comparison to other dental procedures. Most patients prefer them because they look, feel, and function like real teeth.

They are also used for teeth alignment, along with restoring broken teeth. These implants are often either made from titanium or composite materials. Because they are so durable, dental implants can last you a lifetime if you take good care of them.

The procedure will start with a replacement of your tooths roots with metal screws. This is what dentists use to anchor the fake tooth to get placed on. The months of healing will secure the implant to your jawbone, after which a dental crown will get placed.

What’s great about the procedure is that it allows dentists to find out if you’re harboring any gum disease along the way. The procedure to drill the implants often goes past the gums into the jaw bone. By doing so, dentists can get an intimate look at your gums and check their health while they’re at it. 

2. Implant-Supported Dental Bridges

If you’re missing multiple teeth in a row, implant-supported dental bridges are the way to go. Implant-supported dental bridges have only two teeth on each end placed as implants. The teeth between the two ends get kept in place by the implants, but aren’t screwed in themselves. 

When you have a lot of teeth missing, the structure of your other teeth might change if kept that way. Because these bridges are independent of your other teeth, they don’t restore your mouth to its previous state. 

Of course, they also provide a natural look and are a cheaper way of replacing multiple teeth. This is all while still being as effective as a single dental implant. 

One important thing to remember is that the bridges are not permanent. You will have to return a few times to get them replaced when needed. This is especially when you get them at a young age, as your mouth will grow along with your body.

3. Tooth-Supported Dental Bridges

Another type of dental bridge is the tooth-supported dental bridge. Unlike implant-supported bridges, these use your existing teeth as support for the bridge. Much like how the implant works above, your real teeth anchor the bridge to keep it in place.

Because of this bridge design, it keeps all your teeth in place effectively, all while also keeping your jawbone’s stability. Using a crown, your jawbone will get the foundation it needs to keep the rest of your teeth and gums in place.

Tooth-supported dental bridges get cemented on your teeth. The fake teeth will be in between them, filling in however big the gap is. 

Once again, they also provide the same natural look and feel. This process is also much less invasive because there is no surgery required. These are also the cheapest option available today.

One drawback to this method is that the teeth used as support will have to get filed down to match the bridge’s size. This could increase infection chances if the real teeth get filed too low, filing off the enamel. The teeth could also get damaged if the bridge isn’t fitted onto them properly.

If you decide to get tooth-supported dental bridges, you will have to be more tentative about your oral hygiene. Cleaning any food that gets stuck under the bridge is vital to keeping your gums and real teeth healthy.

4. Removable Partial Dentures

Removable partial dentures are arguably the simplest option on this list. Instead of having a full set of dentures for all your teeth, these are for people with only a few missing teeth. They get clasped into place to ensure that they’re held in the right spot.

A good thing about removable partial dentures is that you can add more fake teeth to them easily in case you lose any more in the future. This saves you money with an already cheap option of replacing missing teeth. You can also get them repaired or replaced if any get damaged.

Removable partial dentures aren’t as natural-looking as the other options. This is because you can often see the clasps used to keep them in place. They can also be uncomfortable if not fitted correctly.

There’s also maintenance to worry about. You need to soak your dentures in a special solution overnight to make sure they’re clean for the next time you wear them.

5. Flipper

A flipper is another partial denture that can flip in and out of its position. Unlike the removable partial denture, flippers do not have an attached clasp. They also aren’t connected to any of your real teeth.

A flipper is a cheap and painless procedure to get applied. Compared to partial removable dentures, they are also much lighter because there are no clasps. 

Flippers are usually used as a temporary fix to missing teeth until a permanent option is viable. This also means that flippers are more likely to get damaged or break if kept on for too long.

Choose Among the Best Affordable Missing Teeth Options

Having a broken smile need not impede your social life. Give yourself a smile worth showing off with these affordable missing teeth options! Take your pick and take a pic of your new smile now! No matter what procedure you choose, don’t hesitate any longer to get a healthy smile with the dentist new york now.

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