Voiceover Casting: Choosing a Great Voice for Your Videos

Voiceover Casting: Choosing a Great Voice for Your Videos

Are you thinking of investing more marketing spend in video content? That’s a wise choice! Studies show that 72% of consumers prefer video content over text-based marketing.

As you start putting together your script, you’ll need to think about how you can find the perfect voice to personify your brand.

If this is your first time navigating the waters of voiceover casting, you might find the process difficult. But don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Keep reading for some quick tips on how you can find great voiceover talent in a flash!

Why the Right Voice Matters

You and your colleagues have spent years perfecting your brand by mastering your marketing and choosing a tone that resonates with your audience.

It’s for this very reason that you’ll want to choose a professional voice artist, too. While you could record the audio yourself and save some money, remember that you don’t have the same training and experience that a seasoned voiceover talent does.

A veteran talent knows how to make your text come alive in a way that’s both compelling and genuine. You might get a great ad read using yourself or a friend, it won’t be nearly as professional as what you’d receive from a pro.

As this article on professional voice overs points out, you’re hiring someone for more than an ad read; you’re hiring them to represent your company.

Use a Directory

Scouting voice talent can seem almost impossible if you’re not sure where to look. Fortunately, most talents work through an agency that can provide you with a talent directory.

Visit various agency sites to gain access to these directories. You should be able to limit your search based on specific criteria, including experience, pay rate, and vocal range.

Take your time exploring these directories. You’re making an important choice, after all.

Audition Potential Talent

Once you’ve found a few artists you’re interested in, reach out to the agency to get in touch with the actor directly. Send a brief sample of your script and ask if they’re willing to record a test for you.

Ideally, your sample should include the tagline for your business, as it’s maybe the most important aspect of your branding.

For best results, reach out to at least five talents so you’ll have a variety of options to choose from.

Record, Release, Review

Now that you have your talent ready to record, it’s time to get this show on the road and make your video!

Most voice talents rely on positive reviews to generate more business. Once you’ve recorded and released your ad, make sure to leave a positive review to show your appreciation.

It only takes a few moments of your time, but it can make their career substantially easier — especially if they’re freelancing!

How to Make the Voiceover Casting Process Faster and Easier

We hope you’ve found this primer on the voiceover casting process helpful.

Remember, the voiceover artist you use does matter, so make sure to take your time choosing the right talent. After all, you’re hiring a brand representative!

For more information on mastering your marketing, please be sure to check out the rest of our blog!

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